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Monday, May 18, 2009

Vizslas in Texas

Born 4/16/09: 4 male / 4 female
Thanks for your interest in our Vizsla Pups. They are a very special breed as you’ve discovered through your research. This is our 3rd litter with Cabella. She’s a great mom and very healthy. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep Vizslas on a high protein diet for their stamina and skin. As a breeder, we spend a great deal of time with all the puppies. I’ve been logging the day to day contact and training and will update this blog often with new events and pictures.
Video of 1 month old pups playing on May 18th.

To come visit the pups, please call me at 210-365-5228 or my husband at 210-315-5223 and setup a time. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase, please place a $200 deposit to hold the puppy of your choice. They can go home at 8 wks old… 6/16/09.

Contact / Training Log:

May26th- Sleeping peacefully!... until I tap on the window.

May 25th -Started leash training.
May 23rd -Started their de-worming and took a ride in the SUV to get familiar with riding in a vehicle... we'll do this at least twice a week.
May 21st - Getting better at not jumping on people and biting... still in training.
May 18th - They have collars on (color coded). In the video (at the top of this blog), the boys have the dark blue and red collars. I have a deposit for one of the females… they’ll be choosing which one tonight.

The pups are at the romping around stage and teething. Today I purchased some toys for them to play with… a couple already like playing with the plush toy and some are playing with the balls.

I also put some raw hides out for their little chewing/teething needs. As far as the training: I’m working on not jumping up on my legs and not biting people... A bunch of redirecting.

May 16th - There was a great storm today. The pups had their first experience with thunder and rain... Great for this age, so they won't be afraid of storms later.
May 12th - The pups are lapping water now.
May 9th - As of today the pups are 3 wk, 2days. I’ve been socializing them since day 1 by holding each separately and away from the pack.
May 8th they started eating Purina Puppy food (lamb and rice) to supplement their nutrition with mom’s milk. They’ll be fed 3-4 times a day.
May 7th they all got their first nail clip… thank goodness for Mom. Each time I hold a pup, I play with their paws and ears, turn them over on their back and rub their belly (all to get them comfortable with human touch and vet touch).
May 6th started making loud sounds (dropping pans, and mettle bowls on concrete)… to teach the pups not to be afraid of loud sounds. This will be done daily.
4/16-May 5th held 2-3 times daily.
Apr 20th - Tails docked and dew claws removed.

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